Growing up with Obesity as part of my life I knew how important it would be to make sure that I made healthy life style choices.

I have dedicated myself to a constant quest to become a leader in both fields. I have been blessed to work with a wide range of individual’s including elite athletes as a strength and conditioning coach to the weekend warrior as well as youth to make sure they start off with habits that will lead to a much healthier life. Fitness and nutrition is something that I love to work on as an individual as well as share with others.

Healthy living is something that can affect every part of your life; it is part of the balance that many people simply choose to put on the back burner or to ignore all together. I believe that all people should take time to give themselves the gift of a healthier life.

I focus 100% on making sure my clients are performing goal specific, safe and effective movements.

BEN's Credentials