John Hiltibran

Philosophy: A Sojourner is someone who does not stay (reside) in the same place. They are continually on the move. I want you to encompass this mindset of pursuing more and pusing yourself out of your comfort zone in your fitness journey. I want my clients to fall in love with the process of training. I want them to have the mindset of determination that they can achieve their goals if they put their mind to it and work hard!

Specialty: Fundamentals of Weight Lifting, Strength and Conditioning, Peformance, and Bodybuilding.

Certifications/Education: American Council on Exercise (ACE-CPT), Bachelors of Science (Kinesiology); Precision Nutrition Level 1 What You Can Expect: Begin with a hyperfocus on doing movements with correct form and then progress from there. We will work on creating small steps towards the specific goals of each individual client(s).

Favorite Exercise: Weighted Pull-ups or Bulgarian Split Squats.

Least Favorite Exercise: Barbell Squat You should know that: Trust the process Results don’t come in an instant. It takes hard work, consistency, and focus. I promise the journey will be worth it. The benefits you will get physically and mentally will shine through in your day-to-day lives.