Katrina Kadyszewski

Katrina learned the value of physical fitness and nutrition through an active childhood – playing sports and laboring in the many outdoor chores that come with life in the Northeast! After relocating to Phoenix, she became a Spire member in 2017, to get back into lifting weights after dealing with injuries, surgeries, and chronic pain since age 16. She is grateful that Ben saw her passion for health and fitness and encouraged her to obtain her personal training certification in 2021, which led to a fitness nutrition certificate in 2022. Katrina believes a solid fitness and nutritional foundation is essential to leading a happy, fulfilling, long life. She loves helping people improve their strength, confidence, and relationship with their bodies. Working at Spire helped spark her pursuit of a master’s in clinical mental health counseling (class of ’26), as she believes mental and physical health are equally important and firmly intertwined. Her mission is to show people how capable they are – and this includes brain and gym gains!